Yeruham Lake
Desert Yoga
Stargazing in the Yeruham Crater
Bicycle tours - Vitamin C
You can rent bikes and bike to the surrounding vineyards or mountains at the Yeruham Lake.
Bonfire outside the guesthouse
Culinary Queens of Yerucham
Yeruham has a variety of women who cook in their homes. They prepare traditional food, host guests in their homes and share their personal stories.
Natural Pools
Ein Yorkam & Gev Yamin
Glentz Beer - Local beer workshops
A unique Yeruham boutique brewery, were you can enjoy beer tasting, workshops and “Astro-beer” evenings - stargazing with telescopes while enjoying beer and delicacies.
Edge of the Desert - Pottery Studio
Coffee shop at Kornmehl Farm
Coffee with goat milk, fresh goat yogurt, goat milk with honey, excellent cheeses and excellent food, all from an old caravan with a pastoral landscape.
We recommend the local Knafe desert.
Zoak - Moroccan art Studio
Bedouin hospitality
Meet with Salima, a Bedouin mother of seven who fights to change the status of women in the village Rahme, an unrecognized Bedouin village on the outskirts of Yeroham.

On this tour we will learn about the Bedouin lifestyle, the changes taking place in Bedouin society with a particular focus on questions of change in the status of women, and get acquainted with the problems and grievances of the Bedouin residents of Israel.
Sde Boker
A 15-minute drive away you can visit the Ben Gurion Academy, hike among the ibexes, visit the first Prime Minister's hut, drink a fine coffee alongside excellent cheeses in a cafe and boutique deli, drink beer in the local pub and go on a variety of tours.
Ben Gurion's hut
Yeruham Crater
You can prepare coffee at one of the special crater observatories, collect colored sand or take a light, moderate or hard trek through the crater.
Suit-Case - Woodwork Studio
Refurbishing and art
Boutique Wineries
Surrounding the hostel are a large number of boutique wineries, most of them located on private farms. They will be happy to take you on a tasting tour and show you the winery.
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