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Between a large crater, and an amazing lake, lies our cozy and

welcoming guesthouse. With an open view of the white soft hills

of this region, and lots of advice about the hikes and trails around.

The town of Yerucham is blessed with exciting multicultural

workshops, food and stories.

You’re welcome to explore the Negev desert with us.

Hospitality is in our nature!

We created our guesthouse with a deep desire to invite people to the beauty,

people, and culture of the Negev Desert.

Our guesthouse is a home with a large yard and an open view of the Desert.

Here you will find a lovely shared space and vegetarian kitchen. Our rooms are

simple, cozy and vary in size. We can accommodate up to 22 guests of all

shapes and sizes: single travellers, couples, families and small groups.

We are a perfect way to explore the Negev, get to know other travellers, rest,

hike and take a pause from everyday life.

Common area


The White Hill Guesthouse

Yerhuam| Israel




הזמינו את החופשה הבאה שלכם אצלנו!

רחוב הדקל 181, ירוחם

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